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Saxony Joan D Arc (Joanie) 08/06/16
Sire : Mervyndane Oxfordshire of Gavelle A2/A2 ED00 Dam: Saxony In Short Supply B1/B1 ED00 In nearly 20 years of owning Great Danes I have never had my heart so stolen... Joanie was my keeper pup from the very start and when she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at 2.5 weeks I was devastated. The prognosis was poor and many gave the opinion that no heroics should be attempted and that she should be euthanased. But Joanie (also known as Bones) had a real fighting spirit and I decided to do everything I could to save this special girl. After weeks of surgery preparation she underwent the operation at the tender age of 7 weeks. She sailed through and was back home in a few days. A very tiring period of some months followed, but Joanie is thriving and growing into a very elegant young lady. She is a happy, naughty, affectionate, delightful (and did we say naughty) puppy. What this puppy has been through in her life so far has been remarkable and she is very aptly name - our tiny warrior princess (with a dash of madness), Saxony Joan D Arc.    
Saxony Great Danes